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Ett drömspel  by  August Strindberg

Ett drömspel by August Strindberg
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BLIND MAN: ...I once asked a little boy why the sea was salt, and the boy, whose father was away on a long journey, said right away, The sea is salt because the sailors cry so much. But why do the sailors cry so much? I asked. Because, he said, they always have to go away from home- and thats why theyre always drying their handkerchiefs up on the masthead! And then I asked him, But why do people cry when theyre sad? And he said, Thats because they have to wash the glasses of their eyes so they can see better.A Dream Play is one of Strindbergs plays that deals with what is real and what is not- essentially, it is set up to feel like a dream, with characters blending together and the story wandering from place to place, just as a dream would wander.

I have seen this done by him before, particularly in To Damascus, but this work really masters the technique that I sense he was working to accomplish. I am glad that this play is so different than his other works, because its fantastic and new for Strindberg.The story, from what I can tell, is about the daughter of Indra coming down to Earth to see how the humans live. She meets a plethora of characters, including an Officer who pines over the ever-present Victoria, a Stage-Door Keeper who used to be a prima ballerina, and a Poet who insists that everything is a dream.

There is no cast list at the beginning of the play, so there have been a lot of productions that have had enormous casts covering all parts, but I think that Strindberg made all of these characters to be multiple individuals- therefore, there have been small casts for this play as well. I enjoy the confusion taking place, mostly because it really feels like a dream- things wander in and out , the scene changes rapidly and illogically, unknown time lapses happen. How odd, but how brilliant!While being weird, this play is also very much a poignant play exposing the facets of the human psyche.

every character has a flaw that makes him or her a poor soul according to the daughter of Indra. Every character is fixated on something or another, and in that way, they have a problem. I really was able to get emotional in many places because some of the stories told by characters were very sad or very poignant. Its incredible that such a surreal play can still make me feel something.All I can really say to sum this up is that I would absolutely love to see this play performed.

It is so surreal, and the sets are so complex and rapidly changing. Im sure that it would be lots of fun to see on the stage.

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